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Schizophrenia : methodical instruction / complies : O. I. Minko, I. V. Linskiy, T. S. Mishchenko. – Kharkiv : V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, 2020. – 36 p.

Students sometimes begin working in psychiatry with a set of preconceptions about what it is – preconceptions shaped by the fact that information about psychiatry is omnipresent in popular culture. Schizophrenia is very serious mental illness. One of the greatest challenges to the student of schizophrenia is to understand the broad range of signs and symptoms that arise from its underlying cognitive and emotional impairments. Diagnosis, clinical manifestations and treatment of schizophrenia are overlooked by important meals for those with special needs and students of medical faculties. Universities. By the method of methodological instruction, knowledge and skill in diagnosing and treating schizophrenia are given.